B. Sc. (U. of Edinburgh, Scotland), Dr. Nat. Sc. (Jagiellonian U., Kraków, Poland)

Sedimentary and biogenic features of siliciclastic rocks and detrital deposits, with emphasis on factors controlling fluid flow. Solution-generated collapse structures, associated with bedded evaporites. Underground storage. Subsurface-geology information systems.  Integration of water-resource management, soil conservation and revegetation of degraded lands.  Projects include: consultation for protection and management of water source for South-to-North Water Diversion Project, Henan Province, China; river bank stabilization, Ukraine; gully erosion, Nigeria; conjunctive use of water resources in Deccan Trap, India; hydrocarbon potential of Kenya; reservoir geology of shallow, low-pressure, low-permeability gas reservoirs in Western Interior, North America; and deep-well disposal of fluid, industrial wastes. 

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