My academic qualifications and professional experience of projects in both industrialised and less developed countries are applicable to technology transfer in the following areas of activity:

Capacity Building (training, facilitating human resource development and organizational management; project and programme planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation; distance-education techniques, including use of e-mail and World Wide Web);

Energy Development (subsurface-geology information systems; petroleum exploration and development, regional assessment of hydrocarbon potential; hydrodynamic approach to petroleum exploration; shallow, low-pressure, and low-permeability gas reservoirs in shaly sandstones);

Environmental Protection (underground waste management, subsurface disposal of fluid, industrial wastes; regional assessment of waste-disposal potential; deep-basin hydrodynamics; special, environmental hazards, associated with bedded salt deposits); and

Agricultural Development (integration of water-resource management, soil conservation and agroforestry/ bioengineering/revegetation; watershed management, integrated and sustainable agriculture in a dryland setting; integration of geographic information systems, intermediate technology, and indigenous knowledge).

My experience in development research and related training involved the integration of these areas of expertise. High priority was given to multidisciplinary interaction in project design and implementation, participatory management and evaluation of projects at the village level, the empowerment of disadvantaged groups and gender equity in a rural setting.

small_block experiments on interfacial current markings small_block sedimentary structures in Polish Carpathian flysch  small_block interfacial assemblages of foraminifera in Polish Carpathian flysch  small_block  biogenic structures and medusoid markings  in Polish Carpathian flysch small_block sedimentology of marine, Cretaceous strata of Saskatchewan small_block road logs of Prairie geology small_block lithologic descriptions of cored sections from marine, Cretaceous strata of Saskatchewan  small_block solution-generated collapse (SGC) structures, associated with bedded, marine evaporites small_block stratigraphy of marine, Cretaceous strata in Western Interior of North America   

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small_block shallow gas prospects in eastern Saskatchewan small_block hydrocarbon potential of Saskatchewan small_block underground space as a resource small_block economic geology of marine, Cretaceous strata in west-central Saskatchewan small_block industrial-mineral potential of Île-à-la-Crosse and La Ronge areas of central Saskatchewan small_block shallow, low-permeability gas reservoirs in marine, Cretaceous sandstones of Saskatchewan small_block basal Jurassic strata of northern North Sea small_block core-storage facilities in UK and Canada small_block solution-generated collapse (SGC) structures, associated with bedded, marine evaporites, and localization of base metals and hydrocarbons   

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small_block deep-well disposal of fluid, industrial wastes in Saskatchewan small_block Police Point landslide, southeastern Alberta small_block monitoring of deep-well disposal of fluid, industrial wastes and system design process small_block problems in operation of waste-injection wells in southwestern Ontario small_block potential for deep, underground storage in Canada small_block solution-generated collapse (SGC) structures and underground storage small_block subsurface disposal of fluid wastes in Manitoba small_block Geology and the Environment course manual and unit handbooks small_block pre-feasibility study of compressed air energy storage (CAES) in underground space in southwestern Ontario

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small_block water-resource management small_block soil conservation small_block revegetation of degraded lands small_block capacity building small_block gender equality small_block participatory management  and evaluation small_block indigenous knowledge small_block ancient knowledge of integrated water-resource management small_block logical framework analysis small_block results-based management small_block economy-environment integration small_block sustainability indicators small_block risk reduction planning small_block sedimentary basins of Kenya small_block conjunctive use of water resources, India small_block gully erosion, Nigeria small_block riverbank stabilization, Ukraine small_block protection and management of eco-environment of water sources for south-to-north diversion, China

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